Geophone Sensor

Just because the doctor can’t see any internal movement does not mean that there is nothing present. It’s just that the doctor has no medical tools to visualize the parasite beneath the surface. These sensations that the patient feels are in fact measurable, but nobody is interested enough to even try to detect anything.

Experiment: The below image was recorded using an SM-24 Geophone Element with a Raspberry Shake which is extremely sensitive to physical motion. This sensor has been able to even detect a heartbeat from a person standing nearby the geophone. It’s that sensitive.

If a sensor designed to detect earthquakes can measure this very small vibration from outside the patient then there is no logical reason to assume that this sensation is not a physical phenomena, and no reason to question whether the individual could possibly feel this internal motion. Because this motion exists just under the nerve endings that normally detect external stimuli this motion may be completely indistinguishable from something residing on the surface of the skin to this patient.

The next logical step here was to eliminate the possibility that this internal vibration is not a neurologically triggered by some involuntary stimulus causing muscle contraction. To eliminate that possibility we attached an EEG with several probes to the effected area to detect any neurological pulses that might be causing it. The simultaneous readout in this case was a flat-line showing there was no measurable electrical activity of anything just below the surface. Nothing either neurological or intentionally produced by the patient was causing this detectable vibrational motion.

Conclusion: The vibrational motion is real, and the individual is not intentionally doing it themselves. Any doctors that claim this is a case of “Delusional Parasitosis” is actually “in denial” of a physical disease.